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Customer Service
  • H5棋牌游戏领航者
  • 轻松易爆一起开炮,放胆捕放肆赢
  • 对战游戏 欢乐五张 二人牛牛 赢三张
  • 百人场游戏 百人牛牛 欢乐30秒 港式赛马 豪车漂移 西游争霸
  • 多终端支持
Our Business
  • Chess Games R&D

  • Platform Outsourcing

  • Game API Service

  • APP,H5 Games R&D

  • Attack-Defense

Service Characteristics
Operating Models Increase
Upgrade the Business Volume
Increase Product Stickiness & Activity
Easy Way to Increase Profits
Our Advantage
  • Concentrate on Boutique Game R&D
    Concentrate on Boutique Game R&D

    Accurate operating methods increase the product competition ability and profitability.

  • Professional Development Team
    Professional Development Team

    Excellent design and technical product reduce operating difficulty and improve success rate.

  • Characteristic Game API Service
    Characteristic Game API Service

    Mature Game API technology, distinctive encryption and authentication prove to be more efficient and stable.

  • Superlative HTML5 Game Product
    Superlative HTML5 Game Product

    Supporting Multi-Language and seamlessly integrating Mobile, PC Client.

  • Personalized Customization Service
    Personalized Customization Service

    Customized regional culture game and personal platform development.

  • Safe and Reliable Products
    Safe and Reliable Products

    Dashing Games has been verified by the market that would be more secure and reliable.

  • Customer First
    Customer First

    Deep insight into the user needs. Concentrate on chess game product development.

  • Efficient and Convenient Service
    Efficient and Convenient Service

    7*24 hours maintenance support to firmly backing the product competitiveness.

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